Best Hiking Trails in Mississippi

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With diverse terrain that includes mountains, wetlands, savannas, and coastal beaches, Mississippi offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of recreational opportunities, including hiking. So, pack a lunch in your day pack, grab your camera, lace up your hiking boots, and go explore some of the best hiking trails in the state of Mississippi.

Outcroppings Trail

Outcroppings trail featuring stone steps leading up a hill shadowed by orange autumn leaves.
Image via Flickr by visitmississippi Licensed CC BY 2.0

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Tishomingo State Park not only has beautiful hiking trails but is steeped in rich history. Archeologists have found evidence of human occupation within the park that dates back almost 7,000 years. From fern-filled canyons to interesting rock formations, there’s something beautiful to see in Tishomingo State Park.

One of the most popular trails in the park is the very scenic 2-mile Outcroppings Trail. This loop-trail begins and ends at the Swinging Bridge and hikers are treated to beautiful views of the valley Bear Creek runs through. As you hike along, you’ll pass by magnificent rocky outcroppings with caves in them that the Indigenous peoples used to live in. You’ll walk along the shores of Bear Creek and as you do, keep your eyes open for turtles sunning themselves on logs by the shore.

Location: 105 County Road 90, Tishomingo

Telephone: 662-438-6914

The Clark Creek Primitive Trail 

Head over to Woodsville and go to the Clark Creek State Park to see stunning waterfalls while hiking the Clark Creek Primitive Trail. This loop trail consists of both paved and natural surfaces and covers a distance of about 4 miles.

As you hike this trail, you’ll pass by six stunning waterfalls. Be prepared for some hill climbs and walking on wet rocks as you follow the creek to the next waterfall. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera with you to snap selfies by the cascading waterfalls and to take photos of birds and wildlife that call Clark Creek State Park their home.

Location: 366 Fort Adams Road

Telephone: 601- 888-6040

After hiking, if you want to stay a night or two sleeping under the stars, check out the best camping spots you’ll find in Mississippi.

Fontainebleau Nature Trail

Set in a wet pine savanna ecosystem, the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge offers visitors a chance to see the magnificent sandhill cranes. You’ll also see numerous varieties of carnivorous plants that grow naturally in this area. As you wander along the 1.5-mile Fontainebleau Nature Trail, you’ll pass through several types of habitats.

The trail eventually leads you to a couple of observations decks that overlook the bayou where you can watch for wildlife, birds, and reptiles. Also, look for interesting carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants, sundews, and butterworts and peer inside of them to see if they have trapped any insects that they eventually consume. Add extra excitement to hiking the Fontainebleau Nature Trail by accessing it from a kayak or canoe from the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Location: 7200 Crane Lane, Gautier

Telephone: 228- 497-6322

Black Creek Hiking Trail

Explore one of Mississippi’s most challenging trails when you hike the 39-mile Black Creek Hiking Trail. You’ll find this trail in the De Soto National Forest and much of the trail follows the Black Creek National Scenic River. Part of the trail even goes through a section of the Black Creek Wilderness Area.

Whether you hike the whole trail that goes from Big Creek Landing to Fairley Bridge Landing, or just part of this trail, you’ll cross over rolling hills, through the flat flood plains of Black Creek, and along the sandy shores of the river. If you plan on thru-hiking the trail, you can primitive camp as long as you set up your tent at least 150 feet from the trail itself.

Location: Forest Service Road 374A near Brooklyn

Telephone: 601-528-6160

Wall Doxey State Park Nature Trail

See some of Mississippi’s native flora and fauna when you circumnavigate the 2.5-mile trail around Spring Lake at Wall Doxey State Park. The main feature of this 60-acre state park is the spring-fed lake that’s home to birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Several sections of the hiking trail go along elevated boardwalks that give you prime views of the lake and surrounding forest. Wall Doxey State Park, built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, has several campsites if you’d like to spend a few nights at this pretty park. You can also try your hand at fishing along the shore or from one of the piers.

Location: 3946 Highway 7 S, Holly Springs,

Telephone: 662-252-4231

The Tuxachanie Trail at Airey Lake

For a long day hike or one overnight hike, choose the Tuxachanie Trail at Airey Lake located in the De Soto National Forest. While the whole trail consists of 23 miles, hiking the trail that starts at the Airey Lake Recreation Area gives you great views of the wetland ecosystem.

There are plenty of wooden bridges that help you cross over some of the bogs and swamps, as well as elevated walkways to help you keep your feet from getting muddy. If you’d like to try some fishing, stop by the shores of the 3-acre Airey Lake. Make sure to bring binoculars along to watch for migrating birds that use the Mississippi Flyway during their travels south for the winter and north for the spring.

If you take this hike during the spring, you’ll see an abundance of wildflowers such as wild azalea, yellow jessamine, and carnivorous plants like sundews and butterworts. If you decide to hike to one of the other lakes along the Tuxachanie Trail, go for about 7 miles, have lunch, and turn around for a 14-mile roundtrip hike. Or, find a comfortable place to pitch a tent and spend the night sleeping outside.

Location: County Rd 412, Perkinston

Telephone: 601-928-5291

Our team at Herrin-Gear INFINITI hopes you enjoyed hiking on these trails throughout Mississippi. What location was your favorite? What time of year do you enjoy hiking the most? Is there a special place to hike that we missed? If so, please let us know and we’ll add your recommendation to the list.


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