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Shopping for a new truck can be a fun and exciting experience. That is until you see the sticker price. You might be able to afford the base model, but what about all the extra features you wanted? Well, purchasing your next truck used is an ideal way to own an all-rounded workhorse without cutting back on some of the gizmos and luxuries to make it more affordable.

Buying a used truck can save you money. The initial cost can be as low as half the new price, and you can make additional savings by buying the exact size you need. On the other hand, buying the wrong used truck can cause you problems and unexpected expenses. To help you out, the Herrin-Gear INFINITI team has put together an informative used truck purchase guide along with some essential tips for buying used trucks.

What Makes Trucks Different?

A truck is a motor vehicle designed to haul specialized payloads, transport cargo, or perform other valuable work. With their body-on-frame construction, trucks have distinctive characteristics that provide advantages no other unibody vehicle can match. Whether you like the versatility and look of a truck bed or rely heavily on the payload and towing to get the job done, you’re sure to fall in love.

Why Buy a Used Truck?

Here are four compelling reasons why you may consider purchasing a used truck instead of a new one this year:

Lower Depreciation

One thing that will always happen when you buy a new truck is depreciation. A new truck depreciates up to 20% once you drive it off the lot, which is a lot considering the average cost of a new truck. On the flip side, the used truck’s previous owner has already taken the hit on most of the depreciation. Consequently, a used truck ends up losing less of its value over time compared to a new one.

Lower Upfront Cost

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of purchasing a used truck is affordability. Besides the savings you gain on the initial purchase, insurance plans and interest rates on your loan are way cheaper on used motor vehicles. There’s also plenty of accessories you can add on with the money you save to make owning and driving your truck an all-around better experience.

Reduced Taxes and Fees

Even when you don’t consider depreciation, you can cut back on many costs by buying a used truck. Insurance firms’ main factor when determining rates is your truck’s value. Therefore, you can expect reduced insurance fees for a used truck than a brand-new truck that holds more paper value.

Additionally, you’ll pay lower sales tax for a used truck. Registration fees are also an expense you’ve to account for when making a purchase. Fortunately, based on the state you live in, the cost to register a used truck is typically more affordable than a new one.

Greater Variety

Purchasing a new truck limits your options to the latest models across the leading brands. However, you’ll have a broader range of options moving to the used truck market. This includes having more options of features the truck may have.

Things To Look Out for When Buying a Used Truck

Keep these five tips in mind when purchasing a used truck:

Look Under the Hood

Even if you’re not savvy mechanically, it’s hard to miss corroded parts or leaking fluid lines. This is why it’s important to look at the engine before making your purchase. Popping the hood and giving the truck a visual inspection can help you detect potential problems.

Check the Maintenance and Repair History

Often, you might not be able to speak to the previous owner of a truck, especially if you’re shopping at a dealership. However, it would help to put in a request for a comprehensive maintenance and repair history. This information can help you understand how well the truck was maintained and get a better idea of its overall quality and how many miles it may have left in it.

Check the Odometer

The truck’s mileage can also be a good indicator of the overall quality of the truck when paired with other factors. Knowing the engine model can help determine at what mileage an engine rebuild may be necessary. When checking the truck’s mileage, you’ll want to consider your own use for the truck.

If you’ll frequently be driving over long distances, it makes more sense to look for a truck with lower mileage. However, a truck with high mileage doesn’t necessarily disqualify it as a viable option. If the truck has been well cared for, it may still have valuable life left in it.

Take It For a Test Drive

The only way to honestly know a truck is to get behind the wheel and feel it. Are there any unusual vibrations and sounds? Does the truck pull to one side? How are the brakes? Don’t be fooled just because it drives smoothly. Problems don’t always make loud noises or emit smoke, so common sense and caution are essential. Stay alert, and if, for some reason, the truck doesn’t feel right, thank the dealer and move on.

Get a Thorough Inspection

After you’ve done the initial due diligence, you can proceed to inspect the truck’s overall quality with the help of a third-party inspection by a mechanic of your choice to ascertain that the truck is in tip-top shape. A reputable mechanic can help determine if the truck has any underlying problems or areas that might become an issue in the future. It’s not a free service, but it could save you from buying a lemon.

Shopping for your next truck should be easy and hassle-free. Whether you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home or at our convenient Jackson, Mississippi location, our team of friendly sales professionals will personalize the shopping process for you.

At Herrin-Gear INFINITI, you’ll find a large selection of high-quality used trucks at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a powerful or spacious truck, you’re sure to find it at Herrin-Gear INFINITI. All models in our inventory have been hand-picked and passed a rigorous multi-point inspection. Please browse through our complete inventory online, use our monthly car payment calculatorapply for auto financing, schedule a test drive, and see how easy it is to shop at Herrin-Gear INFINITI today! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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