2024 INFINITI QX80: Exciting Changes & Improvements

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The INFINITI QX80 is an SUV that has it all, including cargo space, versatility, capability, and style. Though the SUV has been a favorite among SUV drivers, INFINITI thinks it can do better and has announced a redesign coming for 2024. With the redesign of the QX80, INFINITI might be entering a new era of sophistication and intention in its designs. Here’s everything you need to know about how the INFINITI QX80 is signaling a new design era for INFINITI.

Why Change the Design?

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The QX80 started in 2004 as the QX56, getting its new name in 2013 and receiving several touch-ups throughout its life. Although INFINITI re-vamped last year’s QX80 offering, it didn’t quite meet the company’s expectations for quality and interest. INFINITI is known for pushing the limits when it comes to quality and value, and that’s part of why the company plans to completely re-imagine the QX80 for 2024.

INFINITI intends to improve the QX80’s performance specs, possibly by offering additional engine options. The QX80 is more than just the next iteration of the SUV, it’s also a message to consumers about where the brand is headed. With the new design language established by the QX80, other vehicles in the company’s lineup can follow suit.

Everything about the QX80 is being rethought, from the exterior sculpting to the technology within. Though the 2023 QX80 received a technology upgrade, it wasn’t fully integrated or a key part of the fundamental design, but rather an addition to an already-great SUV. With the redesign for the QX80, INFINITI can incorporate technology into the very idea of the SUV itself, making the experience more seamless.

Repositioning to Competitors

Though the INFINITI QX80 is a distinct SUV that offers high-quality features, it’s often compared with or even equated to the Nissan Armada, which is another SUV on the market. This frequent comparison is another reason INFINITI has rethought its design principles and offered drivers a new level of comfort and style in the reimagined version. Rather than being viewed as a direct competitor to the Nissan Armada, INFINITI plans to elevate the QX80 and put it in a new luxury class. Potential competitors for the re-vamped QX80 may include SUVs like the Range Rover and Lexus LX.

What’s Up with the 2023 QX80?

The 2023 QX80 is likely to be the last in this era with the same design, so it’s worth it to take a look and see what’s going on with the model. It came out in late 2022 with a focus on luxury and an updated technology system. The 2023 QX80 features a bold, athletic face with chrome accent strips to highlight the SUV’s jawline. It comes with available 22-inch cast aluminum alloy wheels and an available dark chrome exterior trim to further accentuate its athletic style.

Some of the colors for the 2023 QX80 include Anthracite Gray, Champagne Quartz, Moonstone White, Coulis Red, Hermosa Blue, Black Obsidian, Mineral Black, and Liquid Platinum. Though INFINITI hasn’t yet announced the colors for the 2024 QX80, it’s likely that they’ll introduce a fresh pallet as part of the updated design.

The 2023 INFINITI QX80 features a smooth, modern interior with specially treated semi-aniline leather. This leather is easy-to-clean and incredibly breathable, and it’s likely that we may see it incorporated in the 2024 QX80 as well. The 2023 QX80 also includes noise-insulating glass and power-adjustable seats. The interior comes in colors including Saddle Brown with Charcoal Burl, Graphite Quilted with Charcoal Burl, Wheat Quilted with Charcoal Burl, Truffle Brown with Mocha Burl, Sahara Stone with Mocha Burl, Graphite Leather with Mocha Burl, Graphite Leather with Charcoal Burl, and Wheat Leather with Charcoal Burl.

With up to 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, the 2023 QX80 was already a capable machine, so we’re excited to see where the 2024 QX80 will take the new performance specs. The 2023 QX80 boasts a 5.6-liter V-8 engine that can tow up to 8,500 lbs.

Technology in the 2023 QX80 includes wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a Bose sound system, and an intelligent key you can use to save and reload seat, climate, and audio settings when you drive the SUV. We hope to see all these features and more in the QX80’s redesign.

INFINITI Going Fully Electric

The 2024 QX80 redesign and new design language aren’t the only things coming to the table for INFINITI. If you love the lineup of powerful and sophisticated vehicles from INFINITI, you may also be wondering when the company plans to start making fully electric vehicles. With a more robust charging system across the United States and the opportunity for an EV tax credit, it’s a better time than ever to get a fully electric luxury SUV.

Luckily, INFINITI knows this and is planning to introduce a fully electric vehicle somewhere around 2025. It’s likely to be a sedan similar to the Q50, but if sedans aren’t your thing, INFINITI will likely be introducing a whole lineup of electric vehicles, including compact coupe SUVs and smaller crossovers. This is because INFINITI plans to transform its sales makeup, hoping to have most of their vehicles sales coming from electric vehicles, rather than traditional gasoline-powered cars.

For a more general sense of what INFINITI is planning for the future, you can check out their concept vehicles, which show a shift in design and concept. These concept designs include the fully electric sports sedan, or QS, and the QX, a fully electric crossover that would redefine the INFINITI style.

INFINITI is a leader in the industry for its design, and the 2024 INFINITI is no exception to that. It’s a great time to get excited about INFINITI vehicles, with a complete design overhaul and the introduction of electric vehicles on the horizon. If you’re ready for a design upgrade, you can check out our new car inventory or swing by our dealership in Jackson, Mississippi to test drive an INFINITI. For more information or to learn about our financing options, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.


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