Spring 2023 INFINITI Maintenance Guide

March 8th, 2023 by

Each season comes with it a series of maintenance issues and concerns for car owners. As the weather warms up this season, you may be cleaning out your home and updating your decor, but it’s also time to get your vehicle in shape. Properly maintaining your INFINITI according to season can help you extend its life and make your driving experience more convenient. Here’s everything you need to know about how to maintain your vehicle this spring.

Check for Major Issues

Chilly winter weather can affect many of the systems inside your vehicle, including the coolant, alternator, and battery. Having a fluids and battery inspection done on your vehicle can help you ensure those systems still work properly in the spring. Though it doesn’t get cold often here in the Jackson, Mississippi area, even a few cold nights or snowy days can affect your vehicle.

Having a certified technician perform an inspection can help you identify minor issues before they can turn into major mechanical problems. Check out our service specials to learn more about how you can save on your next servicing appointment.

If you like to work on your car yourself, you can order INFINITI OEM parts from our parts center. It’s important to get OEM parts so you can help your INFINITI maintain its performance. Non-official parts may not have the same specifications or focus on quality, which can cause problems or decrease efficiency when you install them in your INFINITI.

Spring Cleaning for your Car

It doesn’t snow often here, but when it does, the salt, grit, and sand from the road can get on your car. Many of us also travel during the winter to see friends and family for the holidays, and if you headed north, you’ve likely driven on some snowy roads. While salt and sand may be great for melting ice and making the roads safe, they aren’t so great on the exterior of your vehicle. Excess salt and gritty sand can erode the paint and finishing, making your car appear dull. Take advantage of the nice spring weather and have your car fully detailed.

Assess and Update Your Tires

Worn tires result in lower fuel efficiency and less safety on the road. A tire with good tread can help you stop faster and avoid collisions, so it’s important to check your tires after the winter for low tread. There are a lot of places you can go to get a new set of tires on your INFINITI, but Herrin-Gears is the best.

When you choose us for your tire services, we’ll provide a price match on eligible competitor quotes, and we’ll even offer additional credit to give you the best value. You can also rest assured when you get tires from us, as we offer free replacement and flat coverage on our tire sets.

Importance of an Oil Change

Engine oil is one of the most important components within your system, lubricating parts and optimizing efficiency. After a long winter, it can be time to get the oil and oil filter in your car replaced so it can continue to run properly. When you wait too long to change the oil, it can become thick and inefficient at its job.

In the short term, this can cost you more for fuel, but over the long term, it will eventually cause problems for other engine components, like the bearings, camshafts, and valve trains. Sludge, or thick oil, in your engine may cause it to overheat, which makes the car less efficient and may leave you on the side of the road when a gasket blows.

Luckily, you can avoid all these problems by getting your oil changed this spring. INFINITI vehicles use advanced technology to monitor your oil levels and life, which can make it easy for you to know when it’s time to get an oil change. If you want to change your INFINITI’s oil yourself, you have to be sure to use the correct oil and reset the oil monitoring system when you’re finished. For those who don’t want the hassle of an at-home oil change, you can bring your INFINITI to our service center.

Our technicians understand your INFINITI and know exactly which oil is best for your vehicle. They complete the job quickly so you can get back on the road, resetting your system so you’ll know when it’s time to bring the car in again. At the end of your oil change, a qualified service professional performs a complimentary inspection to help you catch any potential problems before they escalate to help you avoid major mechanical problems.

Maintaining Your Car at Herrin-Gear INFINITI

There are a lot of things that make us the best option for auto repair and maintenance inĀ  Jackson, Mississippi. The first is our broad range of services, meaning we’re the only place you’ll need to stop for all your servicing needs. These are some of our service center offerings:

  • Air filter replacement.
  • Brake inspections.
  • Dash light diagnostics.
  • Oil changes.
  • Tire rotations.
  • Transmission flushes.
  • Wheel alignments.

Not only do we offer a wide range of services, but we also offer some of the best customer services in the area. When you speak with our staff, you’ll feel right at home. Our certified technicians are always ready to talk with you about your vehicle and explain anything you want to know about the service.

In a hurry? Try out the convenient, reliable, and quick services at our INFINITI Express service center. When you make an appointment with the Express Service team, you can get all the same great services with less waiting. We value your time, which is why we don’t require appointments for the express service center. These are some of the services we can offer at the express service center:

  • Brake inspection.
  • Engine air filter set replacement.
  • Express oil change.
  • In-cabin microfilter replacement.
  • Rear wiper blade replacement.
  • Synthetic oil change.
  • Tire rotation.
  • Wiper blade replacement.

We hope this guide has helped you make a plan to maintain your vehicle this spring. Here at Herrin-Gear INFINITI, we understand the importance of proper maintenance and want to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. The technicians in our service center can’t wait to get to work on your car, and our service members can’t wait to make your experience seamless. For more information or to schedule an appointment, use the form below or contact our experts today!


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