Can You Extend a Car Lease?

Man extending car lease

Leasing a car in the Madison area is a flexible option for many drivers– you only have to commit to a model for a set amount of time and you will only need to bring it back into the dealership when it’s time. But what if you realize this INFINITI car adds something special to your daily journey and you don’t want another car? Or you haven’t thought about what to do next and all of a sudden, your car lease is coming to an end? Not to worry because extending your car lease may just be the right option for you and many leasing dealerships will allow you to do so. See how you can ask for an extension below with our Herrin-Gear INFINITI finance center

How to Extend a Car Lease? 

While most leasing dealerships allow extensions, you should still check to make sure that it is a possibility for your car lease. Reach out to our finance experts or to the Brandon dealership that you leased the car from and ask. Once you have confirmed that you can extend your car lease, do the following to ask for an extension:

  1. Decide on how long of an extension you want to ask for. Typically, they are allowed for up to 12 months though some lenders will also allow a month-to-month extension. The actual extended period will depend on your lender, of course, but you should consider what you want beforehand.  
  2. Call the leasing dealership and tell them you’d like to extend your lease for the same payment amount as well as terms and conditions. Also, discuss the extended period and confirm the details of the extension. 
  3. Lastly, double-check that all of the terms remain the same as the original lease as you won’t want to pay extra. 

Extending a car lease is that simple and can be done over a phone call in most situations! 

Consider a Car Lease Buyout

Some Ridgeland drivers might ask for an extension because they need more time to figure out their next step after the lease. Once you have had extra time from the extended lease, you will likely either move onto a new lease for a different vehicle or go on to buy the car outright. If you decide this is the car you want to own for good, a car lease buyout is the most logical step here. You’ll need to speak with the leasing dealership about the possibility and then complete paperwork to essentially secure ownership of the car! 

Secure Your Next Auto Financing Plan at Herrin-Gear INFINITI 

No matter what you decide to do next, our finance team at Herrin-Gear INFINITI is here to assist you. Browse our lease offers in the Jackson area and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!